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Image de Robin Alves

I grew up in a small town in the south of France, nestled between the Oriental Pyrenees and the Mediterranean sea. Typically as a kid I had a lot of imagination, I remember dreaming about the most epic adventures in worlds full of wonders I created. When not doing this I was in my father’s garage rummaging around for tools and treasures to builds all sorts of wonders from furniture to props.


One milestones of my youth in the small town where I grew up was the local independent movie theatre. The first time I stared at that giant screen seeing the wonders of the famous orphan boy and wizard, Harry,  my eyes were full of stars. This was the most precious reward that my mother could have ever given to me and on that day I became addicted to movies wanting to know how they were made, where does this magic come from?


In school I excelled in art, film studies and english, successfully graduating with honours. I wasn’t ready to leave home just yet, but I knew where I wanted to go.This was Metamorphoses a school of professional make-up and special effects in Strasbourg. So, I found my first job as a projectionist at the local casino. This was the same movie theatre where my pursuit of movie magic came from. I worked there for 5 years saving and working towards the next chapter. I knew I was doing the right thing as this experience continued to ignite my passion more and more. 


The reason I chose Metamophoses is because I knew I wanted to use my hands to create the special effects and movie magic I grew up to love so much. This school would give me this opportunity. 


Once there, I threw myself in body, mind, heart and soul. I further appreciated the value of hard work and dedication. I’ve have always been open to learning and I am aware of my limitations, seeking feedback and opportunities to develop. One important lesson I have learnt is failure! I don’t shy away from this, not letting risk stop me from doing things. I try to turn something negative into an opportunity to self improve. After two years, I successfully graduated in three disciplines, Make-Up, Special Effects and Wig Making.


When thinking about where was next, I became inspired by the British Film Commission statement that the UK is first for world-class film and television production. So off I embarked on the next stage of my journey and headed for life in London. To keep on top of the game I knew I needed to stay well-informed of the latest industry techniques and create opportunities to connect with others. 


In London my first job was at Tilt Professional Makeup as a selling agent while I found my feet. This gave me a massive amount of insider knowledge and experience, with an awareness of what products people actually liked to use. I had the chance to meet amazing people and I am most grateful for the help I received to now start my career as a freelancer. 


The recent events which have changed the world has tested many of us. We have learnt through camaraderie, strength and kindness that we can be resilient. I am looking forward to the next steps and possible future opportunities. Finding my place in the industry and finally be able to create the same magical moments in fascinating movies for generations to come. 

To all those who helped and support me: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Torre de la Massana, over the Argelès-sur-mer and the Mediterranean sea. Photographer: Morgane Gourrier

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