Prince Garin's Curse

Prosthetic transfer

Inspired by the disease known as "Greyscale"  in Game of Thrones, which causes the skin to crack, look and feel stone-like to the touch.


Photographer : Elise Torres/Elke Seekan

Model: Anaïs Morreti

Image de Sean Paul Kinnear
Image de Jeremy Bishop


Gelatin prosthetic

Encapsulated silicone prosthetic


In order of appearance 

Photographer: Elise Torres/Elke Seekan

Model: Noémie Beck


Photographer: Vladimir Tankovitch/ Tankovitch Photography for Metamorphoses School

Model: Jerome Graff


Wrapped  lady

Latex mask 

Handmade wig

Inspired from the "Scotch Tape " Photo series by the photographer Wes Naman, this character enjoyed a deadly twist of fate. 


Photographer : Elise Torres/Elke Seekan

Model: Amaury Castagne

Image de zenad nabil
Image de Jeremy Bishop

Scar Face

Encapsulated silicone prosthetic 

The idea behind this character was to show a healed scar left by a severe burn on one side of the face.The prosthetic is hand made with a silicone gel encapsulated with baldiez.


Model: Noémie Beck


Image de Ed Leszczynskl


Foam latex prosthetics

The creation of this demon character required  two foam latex prosthetics for the face, then a bald cap with an added latex piece and two latex ears.


Photographer : Vladimir Tankovitch / Tankovitch Photography for Metamorphoses School

Model: Marine Fabre

Image de Jeremy Bishop


Superficial injuries and bruises

I made several bruises, scars and cuts for two projects aimed to highlight the fight against the cause of violence to women. 


In order of appearance 

Photographer: Olivier Boulay / OB Photography

Model: Valérie Shoettel   


Photographer: Julien Ottenville


Noémie Beck

Maureen Morvan

Sophie Laurent

Image de Jeremy Bishop


Silicone prosthetic 

I worked on this project using silicone to recreate the different wounds, self inflicted by a young man in an attempt to bring awareness about the issue of self-harm.


Photographer : Jessica Roger / Accalmia


Model: Jerome Graff

Image de Aditya Vyas


Latex body suit

0rganised by OCS TV France and Europcar France in Paris, to promote the 8th season of "Game Of Thrones".

I was part of the crew with Michael Boussert and  Zoé Oh Sanna, in which we made 3 white walker body suits at Accurate Dream special effects studio.


Accurate Dream

Frank Dubois

Daniel Weimer